I'm Daniel Ge, and I'll be a sophomore at Newport High School in Bellevue, Washington next year. You can learn about what I do below!

Boring Academic Stuff The Bellevue School District has arbitrary internet restriction policies which actively prevents students from engaging in various academics such as math, coding, and science.

The fact that I have a page already indicates that I am a massive nerd, so don't be surprised to know that I do not actually find these activities boring.
I study exclusively with OTIS and USACO Guide.


I mostly study back-end algorithmic coding (USACO), but I do occasionally make HTML and JS projects as well (such as this one).


I am currently in the USACO Gold division, but work towards promoting to Platinum by studying exclusively with USACO Guide! You can actually find my code for problems below in "Projects I work on" -> "USACO Study".

Competition Math

Apart from coding, I also do competition math, and am a silver winner of the 2023 USAJMO. In 8th grade, I was an honorary member of Team Washington at the 2022 Mathcount Nationals (I should probably say here that I didn't actually make nats lol, that's just a title my friends who did make nats gave me to make me feel better).
You can find my AoPS below in the "Connections" section. I am currently studying exclusively with OTIS.


Aspiring to enrich the passion for coding among young students, I founded the BASIS Competition Coding Club (BC3), and am a content author for USACO Guide.
I am also a coach at the Tyee Competition Math Club.


Yeah I actually do touch grass once in a while.

Skiing > Other Hobbies > Coding (USACO Guide) >= Math (OTIS) >>>> Schoolwork = AP >>>> IB

Projects I work on

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USACO Study*
EGMO Sols*
Vancouver Guide

*IMPORTANT: My solutions for USACO Study and EGMO were never intended to be shared. Therefore, they may not be legible.

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