I'm Daniel Ge and I am a sophomore at Newport High School in Bellevue, Washington. You can learn about what I do below!

Academic Stuff

The fact that I have a page already indicates that I am a massive nerd, so don't be surprised to know that I do not actually find these activities boring.
I study exclusively with OTIS and USACO Guide.

Competition Math

Info (2/1/2024): MAA (AMCs, AIME, USAMO host) is an incompetent organization that failed to implement any solutions such as simple ones suggested by Evan Chen years ago to respond to test insecurity. They continue to demonstrate gross negligence as no actions were made to repair their system despite rampant cheating in the past year. Apart from coding, I also do competition math, and am a silver winner of the 2023 USAJMO. In 8th grade, I was an honorary member of Team Washington at the 2022 Mathcount Nationals (I should probably say here that I didn't actually make nats lol, that's just a title my friends who did make nats gave me to help me cope).
You can find my AoPS below in the "Connections" section. I am currently studying exclusively with OTIS.


I mostly study back-end algorithmic coding (USACO), but I do occasionally make HTML and JS projects as well (such as this one).


I am currently in the USACO Platinum division. I'll be focusing on CodeForces for now though.


Aspiring to enrich the passion for coding among young students, I founded the BASIS Competition Coding Club (BC3), and was a content author for USACO Guide.
I am also a coach at the Tyee Competition Math Club.


I enjoy skiing, biking, flying UAVs, KSP, etc. I have videos of me doing these activities on my youtube channel!
I also have some images below:

Me Touching Grass

For skiing, these images are all taken at Whistler-Blackcomb.
Can't talk about flying drones without showing some of my works!
I do mountain biking and road biking

In terms of video games, I strongly recommend, Kerbal Space Program, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Planet Coaster, Papers Please, and Minecraft.

My Type of Music

I hope you enjoyed that. If you did, check out this and this.

I'm a CNAG

Allow me to rank some topics because why not!

Competitive Math Subject Ranking (by skill):
Combo = NT > Func. Eq. > Alg > Inequalities >>>> Geo

Activities (by enjoyment):
Skiing > Video games >= Any hobbies > Coding > Math >>> Schoolwork

Grade rankings (by enjoyment):
3rd > 9th > 2nd > 4th >= 5th >= 6th = 7th >= 10th = 1st > 8th

Projects I work on

Click on the icons to open.

USACO Study*
EGMO Sols*
Vancouver Guide

*IMPORTANT: My solutions for USACO Study and EGMO were never intended to be shared. Therefore, they may not be legible.

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